ArtOfEscape as Quistis Trepe

Quistis Trepe

Final Fantasy VIII

SeeD uniform

Cosplayer: ArtOfEscape
Quistis was always a favourite for me - female characters in video games are hit and miss to say the very least, but I felt that Quistis had a very believable emotional heart to her character. She had real maturity, warmth and compassion that were communicated by more than a bossy nature and intrusive concern. I particularly liked how she related to Squall - she seemed to have insight into his inner life that no other character did, and could push him a little more than the others without coming across as impatient or ungenerous. (Can you tell who I ship yet? ;) )

Moving on from the psych thesis, this costume was a little bit last-minute and came mostly straight from my wardrobe. The shirt was bought and embellished with felt and gold ribbon. The skirt, boots and glasses were also purchased. The tie was borrowed from my dad and embellished! (Don't worry, he got it back!) I didn't use a wig as my hairstyle suited Quistis at the time, but has since grown out. Next time I would probably use a wig for a more accurate colour.

Being a genius, I didn't think to pop the lenses out of the cheap glasses and spent most of the con peering over the top of the glasses, or endangering myself and others trying to go down stairs with a completely unnecessary -2.5 prescription! >,<

This is definitely not my best-made costume, I had barely begun sewing and there are lots of inaccuracies. The collar / lapel things are particularly embarrassingly bad! :-/

But I think it's worth putting up here to see how I've progressed. More to the point, I _loved_ wearing it and made some great friends through an impromptu FF8 group at Eirtakon 2008 (who totally socked it to the similarly impromptu FF7 group in our mock battle, I might add :p).

Quistis is still one of my favourites and I definitely hope to remake this costume from scratch in the future.