I decided to update with the new version. I deleted the old that I never finished :P

The entire costume is made out of broadcloth that I paid $2.75 a meter for. 5 meters for $13.75, so I'm happy xD The costume kind of looks like pyjamas with an Eeyore shirt underneath xD And a tail.

I bought a black mullet wig to use for Eeyore. No styling necessary. I made the ears out of blue-grey faux fur that I bought half a meter of two years ago. I initially wanted to have him done long ago... but I didn't have a deadline for him before. Now, he's almost done ^^ The inside of the ears are made with some of the fabric that one of my co-workers gave me to use for her Piglet costume. They're sewn right into the wig. They sit kind of funny when I wear the wig, but they look nice despite that xD

The tail was sewn into a strap and ironed. I used doll hair for the black hairs of the tail, and using a zig-zag stitch, secured them inside the strip. I made the button out of craft foam and secured it to the tail with liquid stitch. I also used liquid stitch to secure the tail to the pants.
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