Mass Effect

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The weaving fabric was designed in Illustrator, then printed on spandex from

I used a KwikSew bodysuit pattern and altered it to do the black leather inserts.
The leggings were free-hand patterns, as was the collar and jacket.

I got a lot of screenshots from David H. He is always a fantastic help!
Headpiece is by Satine. I took my Aria one and repainted it. So right now my Aria is on hiatus until I get a new one :(

Boots are from, and my gun was made by Mike Kraft (the Shepard of the group).


@hmwsg x
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Series Mass Effect
Character Morinth


Eldanildiel You look incredible! Fantastic job on the makeup in particular!

silent_dreaming WOW. Really amazing! That body suit is fantastic, and the makeup is great. Fantastic job!

XMishapenHeartX so awesome!

Paigey I love seeing awesome Mass Effect cosplay. Very well done!

RedSonya did it again. Stop being so awesome and badass! This costume just blows my mind. You did an AWESOME job!

Griever 2112 very cool Morinth, you've become quite adept making an awesome Asari.