Yohji Kudo

Weiss Kreuz

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Eeeeeehhhh...... Le sigh... I am having issues on every front with what should be such a simple costume. I have my base wig, but it needs a bit of work, and I live in the middle of nowhere and can't find a decent navy fabric... I might be scrapping my Raven cloak to use the fabric, it SHOULD be enough (the cloak is huge) but I'd rather not cut it up... Overall I don't expect too many problems, all things considered, and I am excited to be cosplaying from Weiss!


@Kopi Ninja
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Series Weiss Kreuz
Character Yohji Kudo
Variant Assassin


StarTwilight227 I would personally love to know where you found this wig. It's pretty damn close. I'm trying to put a Yohji cosplay together myself and having crapy luck with wigs :/