Son Goku

Dragon Ball Z

Being a massive Dragon Ball fan, I had to do a cosplay, question was who? The answer hit them when I found a Goku cosplay in sale in Orbital Manga store in London. I wanted my cosplay to be a little different to other ones so I grabbed myself a pair of scissors and destroyed the cosplay as well has throwing dirt and fake blood on it to give off that battle worn look. I found myself a decent already styled Goku wig. Some bit of it were wrong but they were easily edited.

Everything was brought and altered by me.

This cosplay is based off when Goku fought Raditz, so the under shirt, wrist bands and boots are absent.

-About the character-
Son Goku, real name Kakarot is a Saiyan raised on Earth and the main hero of Dragon Ball/Z/GT. Goku was sent to Earth by the Saiyans as a baby to conquer it and destroy all lifeforms on it. He was found by Gohan, a elderly man who lives in the forest and took him in and raised him as his own. Gohan also taught Goku martial arts. Years later Goku met Bulma, a young girl looking for 7 crystal balls called Dragon Balls, once all 7 balls are collected, a magical dragon is summoned and grants the summoner any wish. Goku's adventures for the Dragon Balls made him encounter many foes such as The Red Ribbon Army and the Evil King Piccolo. After defeating Piccolo are the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku got married to Chi-Chi and had a son named Son Gohan, after the name who took him in and raised him. 5 years later a man claiming to be Goku's brother arrived on Earth. This man, Raditz, told him that he's not human but a Saiyan warrior from Planet Vegeta send to destroy all life on Earth. Refusing to join him, Raditz took Gohan hostage and will return him if Goku kills 100 humans. Goku joins forces with his enemy Piccolo in order to defeat Raditz and save Gohan. Goku is known for his cheerful, energetic personality and his love of competition (specifically sport fighting and eating). He has remarkable intuition at seeing the good in others in spite of their actions, though his capacity for forgiving his enemies has occasionally been criticized as excessive; Goku, for the most part, only fights to win, and spares his enemies after defeating them only for them to attack him when his back is turned. His staggering power is simultaneously reined in and enhanced by his fierce loyalty and morality. He has a simple, practical view of the world and is somewhat naive to the world around him. Because of this, many characters incorrectly assume him to be somewhat stupid, although once he has a basic understanding of things, he learns very quickly. His most remarkable ability is his will to succeed, pushing himself beyond his limitations, and never giving up even when the odds are stacked against him.

-Worn At-
London MCM Expo October 2008.

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