Princess White Rose

SaGa Frontier



I was so unsure about this cosplay, but a friend of mine wanted me to do that so badly that I can't help but say yes.
We wanted to do WhiteRose & Emelia together, but her costume's broke the day before the event. She called me and said "You have to wear our cosplay and win! Go haed without me!" It sounded weird for both of us but I did and, depsite my bad scene on the stage ( I stayed in front of the judges just for 17 seconds!!) they give me the best prize I could aspire: best female ~
I didn't expect that and I was shaking and I said "it's incredible it's incredible it's incredible".

the roses were 104 but I needed more, and I sew (again =_= ) all the paillettes, even in the boots!
The wig was..strange? I don't know, I think it's a little strange.


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Created 8 years ago
Series SaGa Frontier
Character Princess White Rose
Variant Sakizou Art


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