The Sandman



As I'm reading through the Sandman books, I'm finding myself liking Death more and more. And she's a really easy character to be. It's great how much I already have in my closet!

The wig is a Vegas style from Arda Wigs with the ponytail wefts removed. I picked up an Ankh at a Ren Faire held at Ohio State. When I saw the ankh I thought it was perfect! I got my hubby's opinion on the size, because I wanted to make sure it wasn't too small. But he agreed with me, so I got it.

After much consideration, I decided to go ahead and do the make-up. After looking at various cosplays, the make-up really finishes the look up. I bought Ben Nye's Clown White Creme and Powder for my face and neck. For everything else I'm making some 'gloves' out of tights and fake nails. I'll post pics as they get made. This way I'll be white without having to worry about getting it everywhere!

I've had the black cami for a few years. The jeggings are from Target. The boots are Laces and Lace from The Pyramid Collection. They're so much more comfortable than the chunky ones she usually wears. The belt is from Amazon. The jacket was a wonderful find at Goodwill.


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Series The Sandman
Character Death
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#Sindaatarien# Surely she is a great character! And yes, we can find most of her outfit in our closets! I want to improve mine and to do other outfits of her as well. Good luck!