Hatake Kakashi




I loved this costume! Sadly, I retired it because I could no longer wear the awesome contacts, and that made the costume for me. I still wear the sweater occasionally.

The breakdown:

The wig is stained with permanent marker ink and rubbing alcohol.
Make-up is eyeliner, scar/latex kit, contact lenses-sharingan and one blue bought online.
The hitai-ate and gauntlets are sewn fabric and formed and painted styrene.
The sweater is sewn with built-in mask; the patches are hand-stitched. The pants are also sewn from the same fabric.
The vest was sewn as per the Naruto Guidebook; the interface-lined pockets have interlocking styrene and unlatch to drop down scrolls I made.
The thigh pouch is built similarly with compartments for shuriken and kunai.
I also made the butt-pouch that carried my copy of Icha Icha Paradise (which was a smutty romance novel with the canon covering).
The wrappings are gauze.
The shoes are camo boots (to give me height) covered with fabric and straps to look similar to the snow boots from the Ninja Clash movie.


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