Yoruichi Shihouin




I reused my Soi Fon costume for this one, and then made the captain's coat following Anne Liese's instructions for creating haori. Her site is amazingly helpful for constructing Japanese clothing, and I used it years ago to make my hakama as well. Very easy to follow directions! As a side note though, traditional Japanese kimono bolts are 14.5" wide, I've come to learn, so some of the measurements needed to be adjusted a bit. (http://fibers.destinyslobster.com/Japanese/japindex.htm)

Also, I am a dolt, and completely forgot to put on the neck ribbon she wears, so I was without it the entire day &gt;.< The wig is from Arda, and is the Wolf Base in wine red, Sharpie dyed to get the plummy colour. Needs more styling, but I'm still not very good at that, even with heat-stylable wigs! ^.^;;


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Series Bleach
Character Yoruichi Shihouin
Variant Captain version


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