Rouge the Bat

Sonic Adventure



Planned for Anime North 2012 and Fan expo 2012 (:

The wig i bought and styled and i made the ears out of air dry clay and painted them.

The body suit i bought but i made the heart out of fabric and stuffed it with cotton to make it look fuller
(flat chested lol) I also made a tail out of black material and stuffed it with cotton and sewed it on the back of the suit.

The boots i bought but i added craft foam at the tip of the shoe shaped in a heart and painted on. I also made the pink trim on the boots.

The gloves i bought and made the pink trim

The wings i made out of paper foam and covered te edges with clear tape and spray painted it black.


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Series Sonic Adventure
Character Rouge the Bat
Variant human


radioheart So excited for this!