Fai D. Flowright

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

@d'Arda Sisters


Costume made and modeled by: Remi d'Arda

This was my first attempt at cosplay and so, naturally, I decided to jump in with both feet and try something big. I love Fai and when I first saw the artbook version of his coat, I knew I had to make it!

Construction notes:

- I made all three layers that Fai wears, which resulted in a majorly toasty costume!

- I made the first, tailed-coat layer he wears from a poly-cotton blend, lined it with cotton and edged it with bias tape. I drafted the patterns for the blue designs on it and cut them out of clear, 6-gauge vinyl, which I airbrushed and appliqued on with invisible thread.

- His middle, blue coat is made from cotton and lined with cotton with a layer of cotton, quilt batting in between. I used faux, shearling fur for collar, lapels, and cuffs and his sash is made from leather. His buckle/crest is cast from resin and I airbrushed it with gold, auto-detail paint.

- The out robe is made from velvet, lined with satin taffeta and stuffed with two layers of cotton, quilt batting, with a 2.5" pile faux fur trim.

- The design on the back is made from one piece of 6-gauge vinyl and is 6'x6' at it's widest points. I drafted the entire pattern, cut it out, and airbrushed it. Then I spent a painful few weeks appliqueing it on with invisible thread. X_X (I might also add that appliqueing on velvet was one of the dumbest ideas I've ever had! XP )

- I made the staff from 5 layers of plywood that was cut with a laser and then glued together. The shaft is made from PVC pipe and the whole thing was airbrushed with gold, auto-detail paint. I made originals of the gems and center crystal from Sculpey and then cast them in resin.

- The wig is a Magnum from Arda Wigs.


@d'Arda Sisters
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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Fai D. Flowright
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