Yoruichi Shihouin




Hehe, it's been such a long time since I last cosplayed Bleach!

I can't remember how long it took for me to make the Yoruichi costume since it was months ago now, but to my memory it was a few weeks of on-and-off casual sewing (so I'd do a little bit and leave it, feel inspired and do another bit and leave it etc). I made everything apart from the leggings and the shoes. Fun fact: I don't usually destroy any of my costumes but I cut up the headscarf from my Vocaloid: Lamento cosplay to make all of Yoruichi's beige parts, since it was basically just a scarf and easily replaceable if I need to rewear that cosplay for any reason haha.

This was a lot of fun and great nostalgia. Maybe I'll do some more of my favorite Bleach characters in the future :)


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Character Yoruichi Shihouin


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