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I received a Nyanko-sensei plushie as a present a while ago, and now I also have a Japanese boys' school uniform which I've used for other characters. I've noticed that Natsume wears a school uniform almost exactly like the one I have, so I thought I could easily cosplay him like that. I really love him as a character too. It really suits my own personality, so this cosplay feels very comfortable and natural to wear.

I bought a wig from Ebay which I cut and styled myself. My own hair colour is almost the same as the wig, so I wore the wig without a wigcap so that my own bangs would be visible in front, trying to create a more natural look.

I made the yuujinchou as a prop from an old sketchbook because the one I had commissioned didn't arrive in time for the event I'd scheduled to debut this at, but that event ended up being cancelled. =_=; For the next con my commissioned one had already arrived, so I ended up using that one for the photoshoot.

I also made a new white collared shirt for my school uniform. I was originally going to wear only the winter version with the jacket and scarf so I thought I didn't really need it, but since it might be too warm for a jacket at the con, I decided to make one just in case.

For his shoes I bought some plain white sneakers and painted them orange, because I couldn't find any ones like that in stores.

At the con, I got recognized about 3 or 4 times, a lot more than I was expecting! I also wore this again for a photoshoot at Mocket2, a cosplay photo studio in Tokyo, Japan. The tatami room there was a perfect fit for Natsume! ^o^


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