The Legend of Zelda

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The ears, belt, boots, and wig were bought as is and ready to use. The brown cotton undergarments were originally white, but I dyed them brown. The tunic was fashioned from my standard top pattern, modified to come out as tunic. After the seams were sewn, I added some brown yarn to the chest area. The hat was very simple as it was just a piece of a circle with a single seam. After it was sewn together, I glued on some yellow felt. The shield was cut out of a piece of foam board, and painted to look like Link's shield. Some strips of cloth were attached to the back with duct tape to allow me to hold the shield. The sword was simply cut out of a piece of sheet wood and painted with silver and gold paint.


@Red Comet
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Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Link
Variant Zelda II


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