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A Sailor Pluto version of my original Sailor Soldier Mercury. I think the design looks better with Mercury, but I'm still pretty happy with it and really enjoy doing this version of both. I hope and intend to expand the line and do more of the senshi in the future, although that'll be mostly determined by my ability to find their individual colors in camouflage tights or leggings.

Half of the original run was actually borrowed because I decided to try and squeeze it in for Acen last-minute. That is why the bows are so awesome and the brooch is a heart where I would normally use the circle one for this version as I do with Mercury. The wig and tiara was also borrowed, but I have since acquired my own tiara. Just need to get a wig, brooch, and make some bows and it will be completely my own.

Since it is all completely detachable like Mercury is (and in fact uses the same base parts) I also hope to be doing Sailor Pluto's actual 3 forms soon once I get around to making a staff and getting the extra pieces together such as a pair of black boots, the silver grey fabric for Eternal, etc.


@Mr. Robot
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