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So when DC previewed the Bombshell figure line I immediately fell in love with them. It's basically a 1940s pinup style reinvention of DC comics women. I love the aesthetic of pin up and I love DC women so it was like a match made in heaven. And if it wasn't obvious by now I have a real thing for alternate designs in comic book characters.

And it gave me a chance to be Wonder Woman, I don't have the proportioning to be an actual Amazon, so this alternate design was perfect for me. I love the Rosie the Riveter feel of her design and I love the shorts.

I made the shirt with a reversed zipper to get that white line and yet also keep closures from bisecting the Wonder Woman Logo. Since the logo was pretty much lost in the design without it I actually "stuffed" it by laying a layer of quilt batting between two pieces of the fabric and then embroidering the gold thread in.

The shorts were from a modified drop front breeches pattern from Burda that I shortened. I did lengthen the shorts from the figure because I felt a little more comfortable with then that way. More shorty and less...underwear. Plus I totally wear the shorts as everyday wear.

The belt is a mix of craftfoam and a belt insert that I found at a thrift store that closed in the back and the bracers are straight craft foam with the patterns etched in.

The boots I totally cheated on, they're a pair of boots from the thrift store that had an odd cuff on them that I realized I could fold down to imitate hers, so I painted them and just wear them like that. Unfortunately it requires me to zip the boots up and THEN flip the bit down so the paint started peeling from there extra quick.

The wig has to be my favorite part, it's just a cheap black curly wig I bought from a friend for Zatanna that I added two Arda curly clips too because I wanted the volume.


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cavtrooper63 Nice job, saw the rest of your photos on your other site. Thanks for heads up on the "Bomb Shell" DC woman..VERY COOL..love the 40 pinup stuff..love to see more of thoes costumes!