Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail

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Again, using an old pair of pants and shirt which I took apart and traced as a basis for my patterns, I cut out pieces of fabric for the pants and vest and sewed them together. I used some yellow bias tape to trim the vest, and after trimming some extra black fabric in the same way, I sewed it on to the pants. Also, using some sewed on white yarn to hold it in place, I added black ribbon to the bottom of the pants. The scarf was cut out of some white knit fabric that resists fraying, and markers were used to add the black stripes. The armband is simply a black sock cut to the desired shape. The tattoo was applied using paper that can be run through my inkjet printer. The shoes, wig, and belt/buckle were added as they were.


@Red Comet
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Character Natsu Dragneel


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