Ren Faire Maiden




I made most of this, if not new for this costume.

Peasant blouse – made that when I was living in Japan. I was just starting to get into sewing my own costumes. I found a simple pattern online and made it out of an old sheet.

Over shirt – that was store bought years ago.

Mop cap – see information for peasant blouse. Though I also used a YouTube tutorial on making a mop cap. This costume is the first time I’ve worn the mop cap.

White underskirt – I’ve used this for so many things. Anytime I need a petticoat this is what I use. I made it for my Ice Queen costume, using inspiration from Simplicity 2851.

Orange over skirt – repurposed an old tablecloth, inspired by Simplicity 3623, but didn’t use the pattern, just draped.

Green over skirt – not an old tablecloth, but same idea as the orange layer.

Shawl – was my grandmother’s

Bag – bought at a con.


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Character Ren Faire Maiden


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