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I needed a comfortable and temperature-versatile costume to wear while judging the costume contest at Indiana Comic Con. Since most of my anime costumes aren't recognizable to the average comic audience, I decided to go with something a bit more mainstream. I had friends planning to attend the con in Doctor Who costumes, and I was already planning on wearing River a different day, so Captain Jack seemed a likely choice.

I started with the Abbyshot coat (which is HUGE, even in the smallest size) and made some alterations such as shortening the sleeves, moving buttons, repositioning belt loops, etc. so it would actually fit me. (I had intended to dismantle and rebuild the coat in the right size, but Abbyshot's construction is surprisingly good, and I didn't want to damage the fabric.) The modified fit is not too far off from the Torchwood S1 coat, though less tailored than the lighter, slimmer redesign for That Other Season Which Never Happened (Miracle Day, for the uninitiated).

I haunted thrift stores to find the shirt with epaulets and shaped pocket flaps (since I'll be wearing the coat most of the time I wasn't worried about having double cuffs to show off the RAF cufflinks) and the pants, which required minor alterations. Suspenders, watch, screen-accurate Jabra earpiece, belt, etc. were found items. The vortex manipulator is the licensed replica, which I already had from my River Song costume (recycling FTW!).

I didn't want to spend $30 on a replica Webley holster, so I made one out of scrap leather and fitted it for a small cap pistol, which I painted black.

The wig started as a spiky 1980s punk style; I'd already repurposed it for two or three other costumes that I wasn't planning on wearing again, so I restyled it, attacked it with thinning shears and trimmed the sides. Voila, instant Jack Harkness!

All told, the whole costume took less than a week to put together (apart from a minor shipping delay on the suspenders) and cost just under $300 -- still less than the MSRP of the coat alone (I got mine on sale). Not bad!


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