Mai Shiranui

Fatal Fury: King of Fighters

@The Jackal


Mai WILL Be Finished this Year, by Otakon 2012.

--Ive never found myself so Frustrated with Fabric in my Life. I Love this Character so I want to do her as Much justice as Possible but with my Own Little Flare to it.
Im Considering going back to my Original Fabric as Ive already started and it looks impressive. Sometimes the mind just needs a Little break but I feel I Can Do this!! :D

I Decided to go with Purple Still, but I invested in this beautiful Kimono fabric. I feel like it will be worth it this time.
I also decided to go with a Black Wig instead of a Brown, just because I like the way it looks in some of her reference pictures And I Like the Contrast.


@The Jackal
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Series Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Character Mai Shiranui
Variant Purple


seiryuux This is a beautiful interpretation of the Deadly Ninja Bee. Great job!