Leo (casual)




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Series Original
Character Leo (casual)


Kokoro Hane Ooh an original character, those are always fun and this one looks promising!

Maurishio-kun @Monocle: Sure you can :D I'd be very thankful ^^

Monocle_Complex I really like this design!!! If possible, is there anyway I could draw your OC in my style? I would give you all the credit for your character, I just like taking people's ideas and adapting them to my style of drawing. :)

Thowra Love this casual cosplay :)

EgnirysFaye Very nifty, and comfy looking!

LinkPwnsGanon Casual cosplays are the greatest to a cosplayer xD

~H~ Gotta love the casual, easy-to-wear costumes ^_^.

KitoCosplay Heh. I should make a casual spot for my Kent Steyer cosplay.