Alphonse Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood



It took me 1 year. Sometimes I felt so helpless. I had to do everything on my own in a very limited space. All defects you can see are my work. Yay! :D
And how did I get this self-desructive idea? My friend Aritha told me that I am not suited for any of my costumes because of gross features. I asked her which character I should choose then. She was unable to answer me. OK. Throw me in a box and close a lid. OMG. That is it!

Main materials:
PVC, epoxy resins, glass fabric, metal, cellulose, PVA, EVA, PU, PE, PES putty, leather, animal glue, glue for PVC, fabric, wood, silver and red acrylic paint, horsehair, LEDs,...


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Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Character Alphonse Elric


Nesalont InnocentWsh: Thank you for the comment! I am glad you like it. This weekend I will try to not kill myself in it. :D

InnocentWsh Your Alphonse came out fantastic! :D Great job with the armor!