Master Chief (fibreglass version)

Halo 3

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I wanted to make this costume for years ever since I saw my first cardboard Halo armour online. When I walked out of my first convention in 2009 I knew the following year I was going to return and enter the cosplay comp as Master Chief. At least around the local convention circuit it has now become the costume I am most known for.

It was always daunting seeing some of the work online by some of the more professional fans. I wanted to be able to sculpt like that and be able to afford all the silicone and resin to cast all that armour but it wasn’t going to happen.

By the time I got started, ‘pepakura’ had become a major new method for creating props and costume armour and it made this sort of costuming a little more accessible. Thanks to the 405th and the Replica Prop Forum I was able to learn this technique. I had never undertaken anything of this scale before and I built it over the course of approximately 8 months. I did the usual process of pepakura (cardboard folding of course), coating it in fibreglass resin, applying fibreglass matting on the inside and then (instead of car body filler) coated the outside with builders bog, then sanded. Took forever to find decent shade of green locally and without resorting to online ordering or special mixes. And as per usual, anything that needed sewing (like the undersuit) was done for me. Thanks, Mum! :D

This project taught me one thing: I don’t like fibre-glassing and I suck at it. I rushed it so much in the final month the majority of pieces were too brittle and after 6 months of wear it finally was time to set it aside and replace. The helmet is perhaps the only thing to remain intact still still to this day as it was the first to be complete and I spent more time on getting it right (or as close as I could with my limited skills).

I entered it into the AVCon cosplay comp in 2010 and won second place for ‘Best Male Character’, which I was pretty chuffed by.

This costume is a lot of fun to wear and is pretty much what I’m known for the most. It’s also seen a lot of action (and drunk a lot too :p ) and toward the end of its life it started to show. Over the course of the next year I began to slowly replace each part with a new EVA foam version (will be seen in part 2).

I know full well that being short and tubby I’m so not the right shape for this sort of costume and I’ve received many disparaging comments in regards to that but in all honesty I am having far too much fun to let that ruin it for me.


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Character Master Chief (fibreglass version)


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