Suisei no Gargantia



The entire costume was made by me except that Vanoa drew the shapes for the sleeve designs.

I greatly enjoyed Gargantia and was instantly drawn to Saya's character. Finally there was a character whom I resembles physically as well as personality wise. ^_^ Since Saya lives in a world where they scavenge to survive, I wanted to incorporate that into her outfit by using a variety of different fabrics.

The costume was made entirely from fabric I already had. The jacket and tabard were made from a yellow knit bedsheet as well as pink and magenta cotton scraps and brown vinyl. The skirt and skirt were made from valence curtains of an unknown fabric type. The shoes were a pair of sandals I bought, gutted, and remade. Both pouch and messenger bag were made from vinyl. The detailing on the pouch is leather cord. Finally, the necklace was purchased from a thrift shop.


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Series Suisei no Gargantia
Character Saaya
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