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Now, this costume is somewhat different from all my projects so far. It's no secret that I've been an SM fangirl for years, but in addition to the anime and manga, the musicals have a very special place in my heart. A couple of friends and I have been planning to make musical fukus for YEARS, but even until this day we haven't had the courage to take up the task. However, at one point last year, Shingetsu and I came up with the idea of making casual musical clothes, and somehow we made our tiny musical group happen at Desucon Frostbite this year (with additional group members)! I'm hoping to wear this costume again with an appropriate wig, but excluding that aspect, I'm very proud of the outcome, seeing that this is the first costume which I self-patterned from the very beginning.

Costume breakdown:

- The top: made out of cotton and completely self-patterned. I purchased the white fabric from a local fabric store and, seeing that it was quite thin, I made all the white parts double-layered (with the exception of the front ruffles). The striped fabric, in contrast, was ordered from an online store. The patterning was quite a tedious task with all the tiny details! Despite the striped ribbon parts took the longest time to make with all those dozens of buttonholes (really, I sewed dozens and dozens of them *___*), they are my absolute favourite aspect of the costume!

- The skirt: made out of denim purchased from a local fabric store. Like the top, the skirt was also entirely self-patterned. The decorations gave me the biggest headache, since I just wasn't able to find glittery ribbon in the right color anywhere! In the end, however, I did manage to find a suitable ribbon at an online store. The sequin heart decorations attached to the back pockets are another costume detail that I find myself loving the most!

- The shoes: purchased from a flea market. They are actually indoor shoes, but seeing that they were super cheap and accurate enough, I decided not to mind. I just changed the shoe laces and that's it!

- The socks: I bought white socks (cotton mix) and dyed them!

- The wig: I already owned this. However, I intend to wear a different one in the future!

Costume photo by Esa Ala-Petäys.


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Series SeraMyu / Sailor Moon Musicals
Character Mizuno Ami
Variant Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu (casual)


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