R0se_0f_Fire as Rarity


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Pool side, Swim Suit

Cosplayer: R0se_0f_Fire
We were surprised to find our friend Chase was at Wausaubi Con.

He asked if we wanted to shoot while we were at the same con (rare thing sadly). As he had already taken photos of our Chun-Li costumes, and we hadn't packed much else, we decided it might be fun to do a swim suit shoot by the lovely hotel pool. It was really the best photo place of the con, so it fit.

I styled the wig the same as for my normal Rarity. The ears and horn were made by Damica. <3

I decided on the black swim suit with a gold crown charm and gold rings, over sized black hat, with white heels. It felt very Vouge, and something that Rarity would wear.

I added the Fire Ruby from my original outfit to the hat.

From there, I got to act like a diva. <3

I'm very happy with how these turned out, for how thrown together they were. <3