Vanellope Von Schweetz

Wreck-It Ralph



Oh sweet mother of monkey milk, did everything possible that could go wrong go wrong. ;) With another costume to finish for a very adorable 5-year-old Fluttershy, I didn't have as much time for Vanellope as I'd have thought (but it was SO worth it)! And she had to be ready in time for Halloween at work. And then I failed at spray painting tights. And then the water line outside broke, forcing us to shut the water line off the night I had to dye the sweatshirt I'd bought (which took forever to arrive, and was slightly tighter than I thought it would be...). Thankfully, I'd bought a backup at Kohls so it ended up decently.

I am proudest of the hair candy... which is mounted on velcro and velcroed into my hair. And when I was sitting and drinking boba, two random little girls came up and asked if I was Vanellope. They then proceeded to touch my hair a lot. It was adorable. <3

In continuing with my tradition of 80-90% completed costumes... I still have to find a way to do her tights (had originally wanted to sew stripes together, but didn't have time) and actually dye the sweatshirt.


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Character Vanellope von Schweetz


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