Bigimotik as Touya


YuYu Hakusho

Cosplayer: Bigimotik
The first version of Touya was a learning experience. The most obnoxious part was hand-stitching the fishnet stockings on top of the sleeves. The pants served me well (a wonderful Simplicity pattern that I used many times). The wig, even after being cemented, glued, and hair sprayed still had a tendency to move around. Unfortunately, the combination of flip flops and ninja socks made for lots of blisters

When I remade part of the Touya costume for Anime Boston 2008, I re-did the gray net shirt with wider netting, which was a closer match to the original character design. The pants and the toga-thing were re-do with different fabrics to try and get more accurate. The wig was re-glued, so it stayed down much better this time around. I competed in the AB2008 Hall Costume Contest with this, but I didn’t win anything – oh, well. I was much happier with this version than the original one.

This cost about $45 ($15 for remake supplies) and took about 20 hours (10 hours for remake).