Shining Wind



I performed a skit in this costume with Firelily for Anime USA 2011.

I worked on it in a span of 3 months, and it was pretty frustrating at times. I've never made a costume with SO much fabric for myself before! The kimono has close to 12 yards of fabric if you include the lining of the kimono. I'm not used to such a lose fit, so I felt super frumpy walking around in it!

The details on the kimono (cranes, peacock, and swirly details) are all hand painted and/or pieces of fabric heat n' bonded to the kimono. All of the different gradients were done with several colors of floral spray.

The little red dress underneath was a pain in the butt, because of the shapes of the white trim....and brocade frays so much! I ended up having to melt the edges of the inside seams before lining it so that the seams would not fray apart.

The green coral head pieces are made from Wonderflex; They insert into the wig with little plastic combs. The crown is a combo of Wonderflex, Styrofoam, Paper Clay, and craft foam.


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Series Shining Wind
Character Houmei


Narnian Gorgeous cosplay! You bring Houmei to life! You did an amazing job and all the detailing is superb!

SakuraxTsubasa This costume is spectacular on so many levels. I LOVE how well all the colors on the kimono blend, and your wig/headpieces look really nice, too! And kudos for being able to walk around in something like that without ruining the train and tangling your wig beyond repair. You look amazing.

sakakirose I saw you at Anime USA! I'm so glad to see you got an award, because you absolutely deserved it! Your costume is beautiful, and I loved your Masquerade performance.