Ilionej as Kafei


Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


Cosplayer: Ilionej
Kafei is the son of Dotour, the Mayor of Clock Town and general head of Termina. He is engaged to Anju, the inn-keeper at the Stock Pot Inn. The two knew each other since they were kids and already back then they promised to exchange the masks of the sun and the moon and get married on the day of the Carnival of Time.

This moment draws closer, much to the discomfort of Anju's mother, who hates Kafei for no obvious reason.

But the insane demon Majora possesses the Skull Kid and forces it to play tricks on the inhabitants of Termina, up to letting the moon move down towards Termina. One of these smaller "jokes" is to curse Kafei, who becomes what he looked like as a child. On the way to the Great Fairy for help, the thief Sakon steals Kafei's sun mask. Ashamed of himself, Kafei goes into hiding, trying to figure out, how to get the mask and his honour back...