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Failure of a costume! I made this for ALA's Dance Across Time, which I didn't even know I was going to until a couple of days before.. Since the dance required formal attire, I went through a list of characters in my head to see if i can find one to match any of my own formal/prom dresses that I can somehow alter in a short amount of time.. Finally I landed on Amulet fortune..

How it was made:

I took my white prom dress and gathered the tulle at the bottom and tied it with yellow ribbon.. Then I took my sash and some pink, yellow, green, and blue ribbon and wrapped it around me; tieing it into a bow like Amu's..

I used heart shaped plastic canvas as a pattern and to cut put the glitter craft foam pieces.. I glued those together, placed them on some card board to hold em together and cut out the shape.. Then I cut out strips of ribbon and glued it to the cardboard in a bow-like shape, along with some white tulle I had for the viel.. Then I glue that to a clip and Voila! Her viel..

A friend of mine gave me her diary lock to use and I glued jewlel shaped hearts to it...

I bought this wig from hualin_hk2009 on ebay and I absolutely love it! It has a great colour and its really soft.. However I accidentely cut the bangs to short, so I plan on taking the excess to create extensions and sewing it onto the wig in order to make it look better.. :)

Bottom from Chloe's in the mall..

Considering I did all this in the hotel room an hour before the dance, I think it turned out pretty well... I am, however, in the process of actually making this outfit from start to finish!


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