Child Rydia

Final Fantasy IV



Rydia is one of my favorite characters. I love her story and design, especially as a child, so when I started planning outfits for Sakura Con I knew I had to cosplay her.


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Series Final Fantasy IV
Character Child Rydia
Variant Amano/Sprite


Narnian Thank you! ^_^

AanZku I rarely see her child version. You look incredible! *O*

DizzieDee I must say all the colours you have chosen have gone together wonderfully, and you have some very beautiful pictures. Very awesome!

SAN_CHAN cuteeee *o*

Quinn the Shiki Your wig is so vibrant and pretty, I love it! You look great!

Meruz Oh wow, I can't wait to see this finished- you're gonna look so beautiful! ^___^

Cyrennia Love it! Looks really beautiful and I love that you did a child Rydia! I'm just working on a Rosa cosplay--Great minds think alike! ;D