Hetalia: Axis Powers

I'd been meaning to make a Hetalia costume for SO LONG, both because I'm a fan of the series and a big history nerd. Because I'm a medievalist, I chose to make Teutonic Knights Prussia so I could geek out in (semi-)medieval garb.

I did a small group with my friends, which just consisted of us all just screwing around. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Such is Hetalia.

I've had to retire this costume because the wig is just shot to hell. Perhaps in the future I'll get a new one and revamp the costume, but for the time being I must hand up my crusader's cloak.


White cotton
White eyelets
Black cord
Black leather boots
Leather ring belt
Sword frog
Plastic sword (a reproduction of Aragon's sword from LotR, LOL)
White wig
Red contacts
Metal hook and eye clasps
Black gloves
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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Prussia
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