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The first run of this cosplay was made on a very tight budget and time-frame, less than 5 hours and $15. My friend told me about a Valve-themed event which included a cosplay contest.

Materials included a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt I already owned. The green shirt ($4) and converse shoes ($10) were bought at Value Village with a 30% discount card. I diluted black acrylic paint with water and shaded the shirt top and bottom.

The tongue was made from old pantyhose that I stuffed with tissue paper and brushed with a mix of liquid latex and black pigment. It was hooked to an old retainer I still had, in order to hang the tongue from my mouth. I would like to work on a less tube-shaped tongue as I develop this.

Finally, the face makeup was done while I was painting the shirt and making the tongue, in about 3 hours. Face and hands were done with liquid latex mixed with white and black pigments. The tumors of Smoker's face were done with balled up tissue paper.

The white lenses I've had from past cosplays, but I learned that Smoker's eyes are actually yellow, so I will wear my yellow contacts next time.

Photos are from a combination of Geekenders event photos, an impromptu photoshoot done by Kasi (Nerdography on Facebook), and my own self shots.

• ARMS: I want to make Smoker-skinned arm gloves that go all the way up my arm so I don't have to do a whole new makeup there each time.
• TONGUE: I want to remake the tongue so that it is flatter, veined, and maybe a bit pinker in the middle.
• MOUTH: I'd like to get some makeup to black out the inside of my lip.
• PANTS: I would like to get a different pair of pants and then shade them the way I did with the shirt.

• Geekenders: Valve-Themed
• Anime Revolution Cosplay Fashion Show 2013 (Summer Nightmarket)
• Anime Evolution 2013

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Tabatha Zee Looks great!!

LadyCrankypants Holy crap! It certainly doesn't look like a 5 hour special, the makeup is amazing, and it's surprising how convincing stuffed pantyhose can be! Great work, and the pictures are stunning :)

Eiriol Looks fantastic for such a short time frame. I've been wanting to cosplay a smoker as well (Hopefully L4D2 with the numerous tongues). Great job man.