Homura Akemi

Madoka Magica

When I saw the other girls in this group I knew I didn't want to be just another Homura, so I decided to incorporate as much sparkle and magical girl into the outfit as I could. The lavender fabric is lavender cotton with lavender sparkle sheer overlay. The white is glitter satin, the black is stretch poplin, and the dark purple is polyester shantung. The trims are satin ribbon and I painted the designs on with black metallic acrylic paint. The stockings were purchased and I painted on the diamonds with metallic lavender acrylic paint mixed with textile medium. The headband was hand-beaded by me and the soul gem was made of fabric paint allowed to dry on wax paper then spirit gummed to my hand. I cut the bangs into the wig and used the old gun from my Rei Miyamoto cosplay.
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Series Madoka Magica
Character Homura Akemi
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