Nagisa Furukawa




A group of cosplayers I'm acquaintance with was planning a Clannad group, but they were lacking Nagisa and Fuuko, so I obviously had to jump in as the lovely Nagisa ^_^ I put off this costume for a lot of time because I had a lazy attitude, but I'm almost done now :3 Just need to paint her hair clips, make the bow and buy/sew the buttons on her skirt.

I spent around $10 and 5 days to make everything, from drafting the patterns to sewing everything together. The fabric used for this is blue gabardine and white cambric/batiste.

This outfit will be debuted on February, 12th.


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Clannad
Character Nagisa Furukawa
Variant Summer


ashe2kawaii *runs around in a circle of pure joy* OMIGOD!! I'm so happy!! you look super cute!!! (>v<)bbb