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Auron was my second official cosplay way back in 2004 for FanimeCon. Since then, it's gone through so many overhauls, and to this day, it has never been finished. I wore it one final time to FanimeCon 2010 and the pictures included are by a good friend of mine, and the only ones of great quality in all the years I've worn it.

There are a couple things that never got done. I went through about 4 pairs of boots, and I could never get them quite right. Always falling apart, not the right length, so it was an area I left off. Also, Auron has a glove and guard on his right hand. I never made one. The sunglasses always varied throughout the years, either I lost a pair and had to get a new one, or I forgot them at home and had to make do with a cheap pair bought last minute. It didn't really matter, as I still had plenty of recognition and people loved the cosplay.

More than anything, this cosplay holds sentimental value as it was the first cosplay I could consider myself proud of. It's had a great life, and who knows, perhaps in a few years I might want to fix it up ( for the upteenth time ) and wear it again.


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Auron


KnightJeran You look amazing! Just like him! Good job!