Golden Sun



Everything made by me except the wig, which was styled by my friend Abra. Armor is leather, Sword is wooden. Feel free to message me on any particulars.


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Golden Sun
Character Saturos


Reily96 Congratulations on winning best group! You guys totally deserved it! 8D

_aires_ Gorgeous cosplay!

Flamnery OMG I can't believe this!! You cosplayed as Saturos. I love Golden Sun so much!! And your costume is awesome, really!!!

Thearah TOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Again, totally knew it was you. ANYHOW, I'm so glad to see some Golden Sun love! *_* I SWEAR. I have to get out to a con where you are one day! I'd love to cosplay with you!