Celty Sturluson




The catsuit was bought on milanno.com they have many to choose from. I did have to alter the costume because I'm losing weight for some reason. Lol
Bought a based Helmet, took the shield off and darkened it. Using Styrofoam to create the shapes of the ears and back pieces.
Next that was used was some paperclay to keep the ears on the helmet. Then came the bondoing of the helmet itself, than my father adding a certain type of paste not sure what it was called, but it would smooth it out.
After the sanding came the primer paint than some white flat paint over it. Then next came mapping out the areas on the helmet for the yellow and blue places.
The Scythe will be made later after I complete my job at being a Judge for this year's Mizuumi con, I plan on wearing this cosplay to it so technically I'll be debuting 90% of it at this con. Akon though I will have the Scythe.


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Series Durarara!!
Character Celty Sturluson
Variant Normal Outfit


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