Lily Potter nee Evans

Harry Potter Series



so this is another closet cosplay. It started out as my little sisters jeans (I now have a pair of my own) and my mom sweater. I twig that I found on the ground and an old doll of mine to play baby Harry(ett)
I have too cloak that I wear with this. One is a rather old and ratty Black one that I say was a gift from Severus during their 3rd year (James doesn't know this) which is why it's quite short and a nicer longer purple one.
I really like Lily even though I think that she should have at least stayed friends with Severus if not marry him (you can tell what I shipXP). I mean we all say thing we don't mean when we're angry and feeling humiliated, right?


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Series Harry Potter Series
Character Lily Potter nee Evans
Variant Death Day


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