Twisted Rapunzel




Based on the "Twisted Princesses" artwork/series by Jeff Toon on DA seen here:

Skirt is hand dyed, with screen printing for the front patterns. For my bodice I based the design off the early pictures for the movie where it was split into an under bust corset and a top of the same fabric, just for something different since I had already made Rapunzel's corset from the movie. Fabric is a sort of fake silk dupioni that my mom found at a yard sale - yay cheap costumes! Pattern was screen printed on again but with a different screen from my other costume since the artist added in little skulls into her flower pattern seen in the movie - I loved that detail so I had to put it in my costume as well


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Series Tangled
Character Twisted Rapunzel
Variant Twisted Princesses Artwork by Jeftoon


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