Cammy White

Street Fighter



Meatbun sent me the T-shirt with the 1942 Cammy artwork on it after seeing my Delta Red version, and I thought it was so cute I made a cosplay of it! They had the promotional artwork at SDCC too, which was pretty cool!

This costume was pretty simple to make; it's just a green twill jumper. It was fun and comfortable to wear though!


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Street Fighter
Character Cammy White
Variant 1942 Promo Art "Bombshell Cammy"


Koona K. I absolutely love this version of Cammy! So cute!

nevar_backwards I have never seen the original promo art, but WW2 Pin-Up has everything to do with Cammy! How did I never think of this? Awesome cosplay!