Rin Kagamine

Vocaloid 2



I love videos like Synchronicity where it holds a story and Synchronicity is an amazing example, plus I'm a sucker for duets or ensembles! There were lots of characters I wanted to cosplay from this video but in the end I chose Rin because she was the easiest to do quickly and I want to do lots of Rin cosplays anyway~

2m White cotton £4
Black chiffon off-cuts £1.20
2m White crushed taffeta £9.96
Chiffon off-cuts £1.20
2m white string £0.46
3m yellow string £0.69
White shoes £6.99

I made the dress ages ago but for my Don't Say "Lazy" Azusa (K-On!) dress, however that cosplay never happened so I was able to alter it for Rin! I just cut up a slit along the back, hemmed it, added in a zip at the back, sewed on the ruffles along the bodice and voila, quick and easy dress all done!

The underskirt was all crushed taffeta with an elasticated waistband because you wouldn't see it anyway. It makes it easier to slip on and off.

I wear my petticoat that I made to add extra poof to the dress!

White straps were added to the dress along with an armband which is just white string sewed together with the zig zag stitch. The anklets were made the same way and have Das clay on them for the gems.

Headband was from Claires and the bows were made from cotton offcuts with wire inside to hold their shape.

Wig was originally long and curly but I cut and layered it to shoulder length.

Shoes are from www.pricelessshoes.co.uk so that I don't have to wander around bare feet everywhere.

Nail varnish is from a brand called 2true, awwh yeah, I'm cheap! I don't really need expensive nail varnish tbh!


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Rin Kagamine
Variant Synchronicity


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