mbellav as Rin Isuzu Sohma

Rin Isuzu Sohma

Fruits Basket

Splash Art

Cosplayer: mbellav
So this is going to be the black dress she wears in art picture with Haru. I found the dress, have to modify it a bit to meet my needs (resale shop shopping). I found the opera gloves (long black gloves).

Alright! So I have the corset, I bought it, it is leather, I just need to add the eyelet detail and that will be completely done. The dress has been ripped apart and just waiting for corset to arrive to sew it. I have the cross for the choker, I found it for $3! WOW! So all I have left is the shoes. I will probably be using Saya Otonashi's long wig, just cutting the bangs.

Here is art I based my cosplay from:

So this is the Final Update June 2011

I made and sewed the straps on, cut the dress, made the choker, and styled the wig. I had a photoshoot and I forgot the choker so I am going to do another before I retire Rin, as much as I love her I have a lot of other cosplays in the works and won't be wearing her to any other cons any time soon. And yes I think I look fat in this cosplay but thats ok, it was a dream to cosplay this version of Rin. I debuted this at Akon 22. No one recognized me but I expected that.