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This costume starts out with some brown shoes, a black pair of pants, and a white shirt. Some white cloth was tied around the bottom of the pants and my waist. The gloves were also pre-made, but I had to dye them from white to light blue. The cape was made simply by tracing the top of an old shirt onto some black cloth and cutting out a long back part. After sewing the black pieces together, some yellow trim was taken and marked with a red sharpie. Once ready, it was sewn onto the front of the cape. The chest ornament is three pieces of foam board with three jewels made from epoxy resin. Once the pieces were glued together, some safety pins were strung on so it could be attached to the front of the cape. The staff is a stick I found on a hill near my house. Two pieces near the fork in the stick were cut off and then glued back on it in the position I desired. The staff was painted black and a rubber ball (painted red) was put in the notch at the top of the staff. With the purple wig the costume is complete.


@Red Comet
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