Oerba Dia Vanille

Final Fantasy XIII



Decided to cosplay Vanille !

I got my wig @ : cosplaydna on ebay :) heat resistant and a beautiful shade of red ! I was going for a natural looking red rather than the pink-red shes got :)

Beading: I bought various beads,glass beads ,plastic beads and decorative crafting beads to do this project,also got stretchy crafting "rope" and clasps to be able to close the strings around me :)

Belt,I bought a belt and used craft foam pieces over it to give it that look like her belt,need some velcros to just close it

Butt cape,I found a pillowcase with this fluffy material for cheap ! it has a zipper on it,I just snipped to left and right and put the belt inside it and ran it through :) ,also attached pink mock sleeves

Bag,yellow fabric and more bead work was attached to a line and added a clasp for closing ! I used the same fabric from my shoes to make the bag,used hot glue for it XD

Shoes ! I found these "white mountain" shoes on ebay for 20 usd or so,PERFECT Vanille shoes ^__^ !

Earrings,got these for 10 dollars at the shop

necklaces,were made with beads and crafting "rope"

Im only missing the bangles,some minor bead work and the attachment to the back of my butt cape to put away the "weapon" XD, OH! and to make a "mock" top in the same fabric as my sleeves to keep them even :)


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Oerba Dia Vanille


~Lightning~ I said "VIVA FFXIII!" =D Us we love FFXIII and the characters are awesome to cosplay, hu :p

AlmostHolly Wow! This is looking great. I'm jealous that you can pull off Vanille /and/ Lightning. The gradient dying that you did on the skirt is really impressive. ^^

Gummibar Love so far! Keep it up. <3