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Obscure is one of the most popular and recognizable Dir en Grey concepts so we've chosen it for our second cosplay defile with Camui. Making of my costume wasn't difficult but unfortunatelly I didn't manage to make proper Die wig for the first time because two wigs I sewed and tried to style were low in quality.

But a couple of years later we decided to improve these costumes and to perform in them again, I helped Camui with some details of his costume and he dyed and styled my new wig very nice. We took these cosplays to Animania, anime festival in Nizhny Novgorod, and performed much more expressive than we did for the first time.

Defile video [October 2010]: https://youtu.be/oLZ_Ay_qhLQ

Defile video [November 2012]: https://youtu.be/2yzDojMSn94


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Series Dir En Grey
Character Die
Variant Obscure


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