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This was an interesting challenge. I didn't make the wings though, for they would have been too heavy what with everything I need to wear already for Rosiel.

Wig: I ordered one of the new wigs from shopping, and since it was heat-stylable, I took the hair curler, and lightly added in waves. To get the bangs right, I took hair glue and the dryer to make them just right. Needless to stay, getting Rosiel's hair was... taxing.

Boots: For this, I'm just rewearing my boots for Sephiroth. Much easier than going out and buying a whole new pair of boots (especially since I already have limited space for boots/shoes).

Jacket: This was made out of silk, as I can only imagine Rosiel wearing the finest of fabrics. All of the detailing is done with silk and satin ribbons. The brocade is fastened to my shoulder using small pins that don't release unless I use the small mechanism I made to do so (yes, I made special pins for the brocade). The buttons are made of silver, and were cast by me in my button mould, and then etched in the small intricate designs while the silver was still soft enough to do so. I used proper jacket lining in the same colour as the silk.

Pants: Also made of silk, and ironed to get that formal pleat, with the same silk and satin ribbons for detailing. And like the jacket, these are lined.

Dress shirt: As only the collar shows above the jacket, I'm using one of my dress shirts for when I go to work (need to dress business-like, even though I do fashion design).

Gloves: Also made of silk, but slightly more durable. These were a little tricky as I've made leather gloves in the past, so making silk ones were a new challenge. The tiny stitches were interesting to do. The buttons on my gloves are the same as on the jacket, but naturally a smaller size.


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