Shouta Mitarai

THE [email protected]



UPDATE: This cosplay has gone through many upgrades and it is now finished to the point where I'm super satisfied with it. You can see how much I've improved on this cosplay and I'm proud of myself for sticking with this cosplay for so long(But I love Shouta so much <3 )


So, apparently there's gonna be a new boy band in the upcoming [email protected] game. :D As soon as I saw their picture, I immediately wanted to cosplay Shouta. ^^

The pants are from Goodwill. I made the belt loops and the white belt I had. :P

The black top was made by me and my grandmother. :) She's been sewing for a long time so she helped me with it. ^^ The black tank top underneath it I got from Target. xD And I made the white fluffy thing. :3

Wig needs more work. :( It's still too green. &gt;.< Also gotta get the right boots and bigger bracelets. XD And make the pockets for the pants. ^^;


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