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I put together the supplies for this over the course of a month, but only actually sat down to style the wig, sew the jacket etc like 3 days before Magfest. It was a tour de force of last minute cosplay haha. I would not recommend.

Even so it came out quite nice and damn I love this character.

Bought items are the shorts (which I dyed), the sweater, stockings, and shoes. The shoes I had to rip out quilted stitching and iron them to make them look how I wanted. The wig is from Arda (the one with the build in side part) in apple red color.

I made the jacket from scratch and had to heavily alter a pattern to do it. It had some annoying seams to line up where the red/black meets, including an inset angled piece on each back panel. The front is edged top to bottom and around the collar (which gets hidden under the hoodie anyway but...), and I did use the same black. The glasses are made on top of a base pair of cheap fashion glasses with added thick fun foam and the mega stone (which I painted then put a cabochon on top of).

Wig was too long at first, and you can see I shortened it for later photos (At Katsucon and cons after that). :)


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